Things I Know for Sure

Hey. how are you doing? it’s been a while since I was here. I have been struggling to create content and also share my thoughts so I decided to just be.  In my state of being, I realize that there are things that I know now that I wish I knew in my twenties,earlier on in my career or when interacting with people. Some beliefs that I used to hold on firmly no longer hold water. what remain constant in my life is change , my thirst for knowledge and desire for a soft life.  so here’s a list of things I know for sure;

I am nature. I am made of fire,air,water and Earth. We all are.

A soft life is created in the bathroom. Pamper yourself with amazing body oils, essential oils,body scrubs, perfumes,and everything to make yourself feel beautiful,soft, refreshed, clean and smelling nice. that’s how you start having a soft life.

Traveling is an essential part of my being. I love to travel. Go to new places, meet new people,enjoy nature,learn new cultures and just enjoy life. It is part of my joyous expansion. I believe I came to earth to learn through traveling.

People will walk away from your life or will just fade from your existence. one day you wake up and realise that you are surrounded by completely new people. For the past few months, I realise that a couple of people who I thought would be in my life for a longer time left. It’s like they faded from existence. And I think it’s okay. I have also cut off some people, and others I just let go because I realize we no longer vibrate on the same wavelength or have different values system. It is okay to let people go or cut them out completely.

Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. You learn everyday. You don’t have to be in a typical classrooms to acquire knowledge. You will  acquire knowledge through many ways. Through experience in life, through friends, teachers of life, books or through social media. Don’t stop acquiring knowledge. It’s the least you can do for your brain. Be open to learn. That’s how you grow.

With your thoughts you create. I found it so hard to believe that I created some negative experiences in my life because who in their normal sense would want to create a negative experience? I had been doing that my having negative thoughts. When you think of negative thoughts,you attract a negative experience. When you think of good thoughts,you attract a positive experience. So how do you know you are on the right track? Through emotions. Your emotions are your guide. Negative emotions, means you are entertaining negative thoughts.

I have the god Gene. I am proud of my melanin.

I am enough  and complete as I am.

Genecoaching school changed my life positively. It helped me grow into myself. Provided a safe space for myself and others to heal and grow.

Cooking is a life skill and not a preserve for a particular gender. It’s a skill we all learn regardless of our gender.

Boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships.

The internet never forgets. Facebook always reminds me of some pictures or thoughts I shared years ago.

The Universe always provides at the right time. This may sound as an affirmation but I live this experience. I have been provided for at the right time.

There is abundance in the Universe. There is enough for all of us. Enough oxygen to breathe. Enough water. Enough jobs. Enough money for all us. I believe in abundance.

Healing is always within reach. Seek it. Talk to someone. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to heal.

Music adds color to my life. It raises my vibration. Heals my soul. Calms me down and entertains me.  I love rhumba, some love songs, traditional songs and some songs I can dance to.

A healthy diet is the first step to losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. You cannot out work a bad diet. You can lose weight by having a healthy diet. You need not starve yourself. I healed acidity through a healthy diet and lost weight through diet.

A fool and his money are soon departed. Financial literacy is essential to enable you be in control of your finances. Unfortunately, many of us are not taught about financial literacy and we learn it the hard way when we lose jobs,retire or when we realise we have nothing to show for all the slaving we have been doing in our younger years.

Frequent fasting heals the body.  You don’t have to starve as you fast.

I am both light and dark. It is important to accept the good and the not so good aspects about myself. This may call for self awareness and shadow work to help me be a better version of myself and not a slave to the negative aspects.
As within so without. As above,so below.

About Marion Malika

Miss Malika is a young Kenyan lady passionate about sharing her adventures, life's lessons, knowledge and journey to becoming. She loves to travel,read books, dance, enjoy nature and listen to music. She documents her life's journey on this platform mainly for herself, to immortalise herself,and also inspire others.

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