Taking Stock August 2020

It’s been an amazing month. A month of new opportunities. Everything seems to be working out since county boarders were opened. I am getting accustomed to my new life. My new house. My new environment. Entrepreneurship. Trying out things here and there until I find my niche. It’s interesting because I thought that I would already have it all figured by this age. But then I realise, I still have a lot of learning and unlearning to do. And I am okay with that. I find peace knowing that I am growing from all the learning. The experiences. The seasons. It is all part of my joyous expansion. To live. To love. To laugh. To thrive. To heal. To accept parts about a myself that I am not proud of. As light comes with darkness, above as below, Ying and Yang, so does good and bad. Duality.
I am on that path to being my greater self. Until then…..

Reading: WhatsApp courses. It’s all I can do at the moment. I can hardly concentrate when I lay my hands on a book.
Listening: To night sounds. Sounds that soothe my soul. It’s way past midnight and I am inspired to write something down. These sounds are therapeutic to my ears and soul. Almost connecting me to a spiritual realm. Sounds of nature. Birds chirping. Leaves rustling. The wind blowing.
To my inner being. The voice inside of me that is all knowing. Knows exactly what I want or need.

Drinking: Water mostly and a cup of tea.

Eating: Whatever that’s cooked. It’s delicious. I had grilled meat earlier and I loved it. It was prepared by the men.

Writing: Inventory sheets and sales goals. Also, this little post here that has taken me two days to compile.

Thinking: About how I have made amazing memories even in the midst of difficult times in the past and how glad I am that everything worked out the way it did. Because I am now seeing the bright side of it all, and enjoying it.

Watching: Wildlife. Antelopes,Zebras,warthogs, Elle’s,guinea fowls, monkeys all from the comfort of the magnificent house I am vacationing at. I am in the Savannah. It feels refreshing and fulfilling to be surrounded by abundance. The universe is truly abundant.

Feeling: Calm. Peaceful. Happy. Grateful. Healthy. My body pressed on the mattress, making a dent. Cotton bedsheets against my skin.

Learning: to incorporate sensuality in my daily life. There is a lot about womanhood that I am learning and unlearning. I shall pass it forward. The sensual thing that I am going to do today is take a warm bath, wear a beautiful scent, bask in the morning sun, drink tea, eat a delicious meal, dance or take a walk, meditate in the sun,share moments of joy with my friends and enjoy the beauty that I am surrounded with. What sensual thing are you doing today?

Grateful: That I took a mini vacay that turned out amazing. Hanging out with amazing people,making wonderful memories, learning and growing while at it. I love it here. More details about my mini vacation will be posted soon.

Being mindful: Of the thoughts I put in my head. Thoughts attract. Learning to think positive thoughts so as to attract positive experiences . Being mindful of the people I allow in my space, the programs I watch, social media sites I follow because they all influence who I am. I am attracting thing’s, people and opportunities aligned to my higher purpose.

Grateful: That I accomplished some goals that I set up for myself. That I am in a happy state. That everything I need comes to me at the right time. That the Universe loves me and takes care of me. That I am here today.

Marveling: at the beauty that I am surrounded with. I woke up to Watching monkeys jump over the huge glass window in my room. The sun shining and it’s rays illuminating the green bushes around this huge house. The beauty and space in this house. This is my dream house. It’s a holiday home. I’d love to own a home like this. Huge. High ceilings. Beautiful antiques. Electronics to make my life very easy. Spacious rooms. Huge windows to watch the sun rise and set from the same spot. Quiet serene environment. I am in awe of the calm, beauty and charm of mother nature. The abundance of herbs, wild animals that seem to co exist well with each other, beautiful warm weather, amazing people I am meeting for the first time physically. I feel like I am home. Safe. I am where I ought to be. To experience this with them. To tap from the abundance of their knowledge. To connect with them.

As I finish writing this from my bed this morning, I am grateful that you read all the way. It excites me to share my life’s journey with the world. To know that my writings are immortal. That my words have crossed oceans way before I have. That gives me hope, that I’ll get to travel far and wide just as my thoughts have. Grateful that my words have met beautiful souls. Souls I probably met in my previous life, or will never meet in this physical plane. Souls that connect with me through this little blog. Souls that yearn for a better life for themselves. Souls that know how powerful they are, they create whatever they want. Souls looking for a happy place or already in a happy place. Souls wandering in this space and landed here by mistake. It is no mistake. It is no coincidence.
I send you love, life and light.
You are amazing ❤️?❤️

Below are pictures of myself enjoying my mini vacation, which is the longest vacation I have done in my life. Also, the first time I am doing a holiday home vacation. Now you know why I am this excited.

Holiday home I’m staying
The view from my window

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