Taking stock July 2020

Writing this feels like an accomplishment. This is because I haven’t been in this space for a long time. No , I do not suffer from a writer’s block, I felt that I needed a break, then got lazy and lacked a proper plan. How are you really? I bet you are all excited that …

Taking Stock June 2020

Well well well. It’s been a while Kings and Queens. I hope you are all doing well. It is a beautiful day. I woke up with so much energy and I feel happy, healthy and positive.

The last two weeks were not my best. I was feeling unwell. I also made a few changes in my life and I will let you know once I settle. From feeling like I had hit a plateau phase in my life to finding new energy and purpose to keep on going. I celebrate this strong will I’m developing.

So here’s what I have been up to;

Listening: To Rollam by Akothee. It is playing on TV as I am scribbling notes down. Music has a way of getting me relaxed and increasing my vibration.

Reading: Pussy Prayers by Anika Tene. This is a book every female needs to read. It is enlightening,empowering and just amazing. Remember those Taboo conversations you wouldn’t have with your mother or female relatives? You get to have a discussion about them.

Writing: This blog here.

Eating: Banana and Pears. I am trying to feed my body with natural foods and listening to it while at it.

Questioning: A lot of things. I recently bumped into some questions I had years ago from Celestine Chua’s blog. It’s a personal excellence blog. Some of the questions include;

1. What are you most grateful for in life?

2. What are the most important things to you in life?

3. If you have one month left to live,what would you do?

4. Is there something you’re still holding onto? Is it time to let it go?

5. What is your ideal physical look? What are you doing to achieve it?

While pondering on these questions,I realized that I had been resentful of some people in my past and I realised that that resentment is finally over. Not that I want them back in my life,but knowing that I no longer have feelings of anger, betrayal or resentment towards them. This came from making peace with what happened in the past and owning my own story.

I also made a choice to take full responsibility over my life. Like 100% responsibility over my choices,actions or lack thereof and the state in which my life is in. This in itself gave me perspective. That I am solely in control of my life.

Making: A fitness timetable to enable me track my fitness and endurance level. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am very keen on my health and as a reward, the Universe granted me two amazing fitness trainers and life coach to help me. So I am learning about nutrition and embracing fitness as a lifestyle. They say that when a student at ready,the teacher appears.

Packing: Stuff. I want to move out. I just don’t know where. This is where my faith level is.

Loving: How I am reconnecting with friends. To be honest,I am not great at maintaining friendships but I try. It is amazing that I have people who still call me to check up on me even though we haven’t talked for quite a while. I also love that that I never have to compromise who I am to fit needs of people and that friends should accept you for who you are. Making peace with myself enabled me to accept my friends for who they are too.

Washing: Nothing. It’s too cold. I wonder when dishes will wash themselves ??. Wouldn’t it be great though, to never have to worry about cleaning your dishes after meals? One day we will get there.

Drinking: Water.

Gravitating: Towards colour black lately. I find black to be bold and powerful in its own way.

Learning: About the land and how I can feel connected to it. This was a spirituality course that opened my eyes and I got to realise how I lived in an area yet didn’t know anything about the land. Ignorance is not bliss.

Wearing: Work out clothes. It’s all I have been wearing lately. And after working out, I wear shorts and a t shirt which reminds me that I need them cleaned because I’ll not have anything to wear tomorrow. This pandemic made me realize how I only purchased work attires and forgot that I also needed to wear beautiful clothes while indoors.

Planning: On retouching my locks. Since I am past the phase where I hated them to an acceptance stage. I have also stopped feeling guilty when it’s not all put together. I had been measuring beauty standards against white standards which made me feel unworthy and not beautiful or neat or put together when my natural kinky hair decides to defy the force of gravity. But isn’t it unfortunate,that we have been held to unrealistic beauty standards,and the beauty industry continues to profit over that. That we are not taught at an early age about the power of our African hair and it’s spiritual aspect. That curly,kinky hair is beautiful. That we need not bow down to unrealistic,unAfrican beauty standards. That when we choose to wear our hair,we do it with knowledge and from an empowered point of view.

See who ended up ranting instead of taking stock. Anyways,I would like to know how you are fairing on. Thank you for reading.

Sending love and light your way ❣️.

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