Once Upon a Dream

We all have dreams.Dreams from our parents. Dreams from childhood. Some squashed by the realities of life, or the negative opinions fed to us by the adults around us.

Some dreams we acquire in adulthood,upon realising that there is more to life than what we knew. Dreams burning in our hearts,waiting to be actualised. Other dreams lay asleep, hibernating,waiting to be activated. A little push here. A little nudge there. Discovering new paths. Trading into the unkown,and voila, our dreams are awakened. Our desire to accomplish our dreams ,one thought at a time,make us find the strength to keep on. Dreams that sit well with our inner being, because that’s the path the we ought to take.

On a sultry lazy Saturday,I am awakened by thoughts of my dreams. As I lay still in bed, listening to meditation songs,helping me visualise my dreams and help me kick-start my day on a positive note. I see myself bask in the sun while taking in the amazing view of Bora Bora,the land made by god’s. Excitement engulfs me. Excited that I am seeing myself in an exotic island. I have been to exotic places. Places I thought were a reserve for a selected few in the society. Alas! Beautiful places abound for us all to enjoy.

My dream had always been to visit exotic places. To connect with the land. Mother nature. To be surrounded by opulence. To be one with nature in the wild. To experience the magnificence created by the Almighty. To heal by nature. To meet new people,learn new cultures. Travel the world. There is more out there waiting for me to experience, explore,partake,indulge,learn and so much more. With just a thought, we all came to be. Earth the came to be. The world came to be. Oh how powerful are thoughts. With your thoughts you create. I am creating this with my thoughts.

I am constantly looking up travel documentaries, following people that love to travel and engaging with world travellers. I will travel the world one day. It is my joyous expansion. It uplifts me. Excites me. Rejuvenates me. Teaches me. Helps me discover myself and so much more. I feel more fulfilled when I travel to New places.

Tafaria castle was once upon my dream. I couldn’t stop seeing myself walk inside the castle. I loved pictures I saw on wanderlust Kenya group on Facebook. It helped me gather more data . This dream became a reality when I visited Tafaria last Saturday .

The drive to Tafaria was amazing. The flora and fauna, and upon reaching the castle I am greeted by picturesque views,well manicured lawns, buildings made with fine architecture. The cream de la crème. The breeze from the aberdares soothing my skin while the warm sun activating my melanin. I feel blessed to be here. Hashtag blessed. To be able to be part of this amazing experience feels fulfilling.

Tafaria castle is located in Nyandarua county and boarders the Nyeri and Laikipia counties. It was started in 2012 by George Tafaria Waititu. He grew up in that village after the colonial times and felt that the place was very lonely. So he dreamt of transforming the locality. His dream was inspired by his teacher of English who would often tell him to stop building castles in the air. Years later, he build his castle on land. Tafaria castle is his once upon a dream.

The castle boasts of 60 rooms priced between 18,000 Kenya shillings to 29,000kenya shillings on full board per night. The lord’s room being the presidential suite. The rooms are categorised alongside castle themes; Lords rooms, lord’s court,Vikings,damsels and night quarters. I share videos of this amazing place on my YouTube channel Ms Malika,here’s a link https://youtu.be/HLUBY98KoIc

My visit to Tafaria affirms that my dreams are valid.

One day, when I am living my dreams,I shall say to myself,that this was once upon a Dream.

Keep your dreams alive, one thought at a time.

May you manifest your desires. Sending love and light ?

Happy October. Libra season is amazing.

Enjoy a few pictures from Tafaria ?

About Marion Malika

Miss Malika is a young Kenyan lady passionate about sharing her adventures, life's lessons, knowledge and journey to becoming. She loves to travel,read books, dance, enjoy nature and listen to music. She documents her life's journey on this platform mainly for herself, to immortalise herself,and also inspire others.

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