When you get to know me, I don’t despair – I just get up, clean up, and start again.

Avi Arad

Full name: Malika Marion

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.

Three fears i have: That i may not live to accomplish my dreams; that i may not be living to my fullest potential; That i may not  be doing enough to add value to the courses i care about or the  people i love.

Reason i started blogging: To share my thoughts, influence someone’s life positively through my experiences, thoughts and because  i can.

How i feel right now:  I feel grateful to be alive and healthy today. Grateful that the people I care about are also alive and healthy.

Three things that make me happy:  A good book, a nice song, an epic movie , delicious meal and good company.

My favorite store:  Any clothing store. Mtumba being my favorite.

Something i fantasize about: A day in my life in the near future. Like a day in my life in 2028. I have a clear picture .

Number of kids i want: not more than three kids, maybe twins. So if you have that twin gene, hit my inbox.

My best friend:  I have a few awesome friends.

 Turn offs: Insecurity, low self esteem, selfishness,poor communication.

 Turn ons’: eloquence, confidence, intelligence,style and hygiene.

My relationship status: I do not have a status….yet.

Favorite song:  Currently Four days Late by Juliet S. ( Isn’t it great,when He is four days late, He is always on time).

Favorite band: Currently Le Band.

My relationship with my parents:  It’s great. We have an open communication,have fun sometimes . A week doesn’t pass without speaking to both of them, actually two days don’t go by without us communicating.

What i fid attractive in other people:  Ability to be who they are and honesty.

Three things i love:  My family, friends,and myself of course.

Three habits i have:  Sleeping on the couch, talking non stop( hehehe), not having clothes on while indoors.

Something i’m talented at: I am really good at counselling. Offering unsolicited advice, hehehe. Like the motivational ones. The ones that make you feel good about yourself.

My idea of a perfect date: A day out watching a play,dance,drum jam, musical performance,dance concert or an outdoor event that does not include running. Because running is for emergencies.

Favorite food:  I have no favorite food at the moment. I still want to explore more.

What i did yesterday: slept for over 7 hours, watched a movie i did not understand( Condor), nursed cramps, went to work  and came back home to sleep.

Favorite animals: Cows. The one that produces milk. The consequence of coming from a family of farmers.

Last time a cried. Two Sundays ago. A church members testimony just broke my heart.

Three things that annoy me easily: Dishonesty, poor communication, divided attention. This girl loves attention.

Go to inspirational meetings, get to know men and women who are doing inspiring things. Above all, run as hard as you can from the cynics and gripers and the negativists. They are not going anywhere. You are.

About Marion Malika

Miss Malika is a young Kenyan lady passionate about sharing her adventures, life's lessons, knowledge and journey to becoming. She loves to travel,read books, dance, enjoy nature and listen to music. She documents her life's journey on this platform mainly for herself, to immortalise herself,and also inspire others.

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