Once Upon a Dream

Some dreams we acquire in adulthood,upon realising that there is more to life than what we knew. Dreams burning in our hearts,waiting to be actualised. Other dreams lay asleep, hibernating,waiting to be activated. A litle push here. A little nudge there. Discovering new paths. Trading into the unkown,and voilor,our dreams are awakened. Our desire to accomplish our dreams ,one thought at a time,make us find the strength to keep on. Dreams that sit well with our inner being, because that’s the path the we ought to take.

Taking Stock September 2020

One sultry Wednesday morning, in a middle-class Nairobi estate. I’m lying lazily on my old couch,my eyes fixed on my phone, scrolling lazily through my Instagram business page and checking messages on WhatsApp. I get a notification from a potential client. I sit upright, excited. Apart from Mpesa messages, client order notifications excite me. They …

Nanyuki Happened

Nanyuki is a land of the gods. A place to rejuvenate one’s soul. To rest your body, mind and soul. To take a break from the world. To be one with nature. To experience solitude and listen to your own voice. To connect to your inner being. To experience your joyous expansion. To have a physical experience of what your dreams could look like and to just be.

Taking Stock August 2020

It’s been an amazing month. A month of new opportunities. Everything seems to be working out since county boarders were opened. I am getting accustomed to my new life. My new house. My new environment. Entrepreneurship. Trying out things here and there until I find my niche. It’s interesting because I thought that I would …

15 Questions

I couldn’t bring myself to write something today. My creative energy went home. I am also nursing muscle crump’s from today’s morning jog or maybe from yesterday’s full body workout. I kind of like the pain. It feels like I could get addicted to work out pain. Even with the restlessness, I know I’ll be …

Child of the Sun

Born in 1927near a hippopotamus infested riverIn the land of the AbakisaA Samia mingling with the AbakisaSharing land,beliefs and practices. Waking up every morning to greet the sunShe rises together with the sunThe sun is her fatherAlways showing up very morningOr sending light to the earth when he can’t show upWith his warmth and rays …


Mindful breathing. Inhale through your nose. Inhale for a count of 2. Feel air going down your nostrils to your lungs. Pause at the top of your inhale for a few seconds or a count of 3 while tightening your stomach area. Exhale gently through your mouth. Slowly. Repeat this five to ten times. Do this a couple of times in a day or whenever you feel anxious. Breathe this way for at least 5 minutes to see a difference in your mood.


Hello majestic beings. How are you? Like really,how are you? How are you feeling right now. Do you feel safe within yourself right now? What challenges are you facing right now and how can you be assisted? What are you doing about your current challenges? Do you have a safe space to allow you vent …

Taking Stock March 2020

Hello Majestic beings.I am happy and grateful for another opportunity to share my thoughts with you. March started off on a good note.   It has been a month of shedding off old skin and starting afresh. Old cycles are ending and new cycles are coming in. So, here’s what I have been up to; Thinking: …

Diani Valentine’s Special

Imagine chatting with a couple in a train. The couple occasionally touch each other, remove imaginary dirt from each others face, say sweet nothings to each other then offer to buy you coffee,which you reject because you are cool like that and you also heard them say that they feel uncomfortable having a drink while …

The Olorgasaille,Lake Magadi Magic.

Had you told me that I would have a good time on this particular day,I would have sneered and laughed at you. Life had thrown me a curve ball that week and I was ill prepared for it all. I guess that’s why they say if anything can go wrong,it will. I was basically just …


I should have told herThat all she ever needs is herselfThat love lies within herselfThat she can create the life she wantsThat she can have new dreamsThat she can let go of other people’s dreams of herand embrace her own dreamsThat happiness is not a destinationWhere you get to the peakand show the world that …

Taking stock February 2020

Hello majestic beings. I am happy and grateful to be here today. It has been a while since I did a taking stock post. A lot has happened since the year began and I am glad to let you in on what I have been up to. https://wordpress.com/alp/?aff=40901 Reading: Letter to my Daughter by Maya …


Congratulations! If you are reading this, you made it to 2020. I am happy and grateful for 2019. I would describe my 2019 as a year of adventure, self awareness, and healing. I am claiming 2020 to be my year of abundance in all areas of my life, a year of happiness and growth. As …


Happy New year Guys. I am a few hours into the new Year and I am already excited to see how this year will unfold. Last year on 18th December, I had an opportunity to visit and spend the night at Burch’s Resort, Naivasha. This was their holiday treat for me after I got many …


Dear twenties, It has been a momentous decade. A memorable one. A ten year quest to finding myself, finding love,fulfillment,purpose and so much more. This has been a journey of self discovery. https://wordpress.com/alp/?aff=40901 You taught me how to adult and be independent. You taught me so much about myself,my healing,my relationships and generally about things …


Hey lovely people. It has been a while since I was here. I hope you are all doing well. Over the weekend, I traveled to Nanyuki in Laikipia County for the first time ever. It has been in my bucket list that I should visit a game reserve and a national park. The universe answered …


Are you a Kenyan living in Nairobi or is looking for a weekend escapade in Nairobi and its environs? Well, look no further. Let me introduce you to Kitengela Glass bridge in Ongata Rongai . It is located off Magadi Rd from Bomas of Kenya off Masai Lodge Rd 1st left after mosque. Kitengela Glass …


When I consciously made a decision that I want to unravel the mysteries and history behind why I do the things i do, why I do not feel fulfilled, the universe led me to life coaching


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”)


I am happy and grateful that I had an amazing August. August 2019 , will go down memory lane as a month where I made very many positive changes in my life, attained personal goals, interacted with amazing people and broke off from toxic people and things. I realised I didn’t know much about myself …


very time I was called on in class, I was sure that I was about to embarrass myself. Every time I took a test, I was sure that it had gone badly. And every time I didn’t embarrass myself — or even excelled — I believed that I had fooled everyone yet again. One day soon, the jig would be up … This phenomenon of capable people being plagued by self-doubt has a name — the impostorsyndrome. Both men and women are susceptible to the impostor syndrome, but women tend to experience it more intensely and be more limited by it.


It’s been a good year so far. Time really flies. We are already on the first day of July. This year has been an exciting one for me. My good days have been more than bad days. The bad days were not so crazy. I haven’t ticked off my year’s resolutions but we are making …


Last weekend I decided to do something I wouldn’t usually do. First was to attend an event where I was invited but I didn’t know anyone in person, the second was to go and zip line at Kereita Forest with strangers. Zip lining has been on my bucket list for so long , so when …


This is for those who are always at the bottom of the class when exam results are out, those who failed in exams, those who had to repeat a year because of poor performance, those who had to sit for supplementary exams to be able to get to the next year,those who never seem to …


Everyone gets their heart broken at some point in life. It’s not a good experience but it’s an experience we have all had to deal with in life. How one chooses to deal with it is what makes or breaks them. NB.. I am not a relationship coach . I am writing from my perspective …


Happy new year! I hope this new year found you well and that you had an amazing Christmas.

I am happy and grateful to be alive today.

2018 was a great year for me and my loved ones. It was the year we received three new family members( nephews). Blessings on top of blessings.

I look forward to have a blessed 2019 too. This is a year of positive change, open heavens, blessings, good health,adventure, prosperity, laughter and lots of peace.

This is the year i will be interacting with my readers on a new level too. I hope to have bold and candid conversations, Influence positive change, and impact people positively through my blogs here.

I am so grateful for having you all as my reader. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. We will do more amazing things together this year.

Please let me know about any topics that you would like me to talk about this year.

Wishing you and your family good health, happiness,
success and prosperity in the coming year!
Have a great start to a great year!”


So, Here’s is how i spend my December 2018 in pictures.

Nephews birthday with my siblings ,two in laws , nephews and niece.
photo shoot with my sisters ,nephews and niece.
Birthday cake from my colleagues at work.
Visited Happy Life Childrens home with Kukuza Sacco

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

Marcel Proust

I also received a spa dreaming voucher and i had a time of my life at Hilton Hotel. I received a Swedish massage, pampered myself at the sauna, steam and enjoyed my meal at the pool restaurant. I will definitely use spa dreaming again. Check out spadreaming.com for amazing offers.

I am so grateful to everyone who put a smile on my face in 2018. I do not take it for granted .

Sending love and light your way.

Happy new year 2019!!


My being alive and healthy today is as a result of none other than the almighty God. I’ll forever be grateful to you, God. Happy birthday to myself. On my special day, I wish myself happiness and great accomplishments in the coming year.


When you get to know me, I don’t despair – I just get up, clean up, and start again.

Avi Arad

Full name: Malika Marion

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.

Three fears i have: That i may not live to accomplish my dreams; that i may not be living to my fullest potential; That i may not  be doing enough to add value to the courses i care about or the  people i love.

Reason i started blogging: To share my thoughts, influence someone’s life positively through my experiences, thoughts and because  i can.

How i feel right now:  I feel grateful to be alive and healthy today. Grateful that the people I care about are also alive and healthy.

Three things that make me happy:  A good book, a nice song, an epic movie , delicious meal and good company.

My favorite store:  Any clothing store. Mtumba being my favorite.

Something i fantasize about: A day in my life in the near future. Like a day in my life in 2028. I have a clear picture .

Number of kids i want: not more than three kids, maybe twins. So if you have that twin gene, hit my inbox.

My best friend:  I have a few awesome friends.

 Turn offs: Insecurity, low self esteem, selfishness,poor communication.

 Turn ons’: eloquence, confidence, intelligence,style and hygiene.

My relationship status: I do not have a status….yet.

Favorite song:  Currently Four days Late by Juliet S. ( Isn’t it great,when He is four days late, He is always on time).

Favorite band: Currently Le Band.

My relationship with my parents:  It’s great. We have an open communication,have fun sometimes . A week doesn’t pass without speaking to both of them, actually two days don’t go by without us communicating.

What i fid attractive in other people:  Ability to be who they are and honesty.

Three things i love:  My family, friends,and myself of course.

Three habits i have:  Sleeping on the couch, talking non stop( hehehe), not having clothes on while indoors.

Something i’m talented at: I am really good at counselling. Offering unsolicited advice, hehehe. Like the motivational ones. The ones that make you feel good about yourself.

My idea of a perfect date: A day out watching a play,dance,drum jam, musical performance,dance concert or an outdoor event that does not include running. Because running is for emergencies.

Favorite food:  I have no favorite food at the moment. I still want to explore more.

What i did yesterday: slept for over 7 hours, watched a movie i did not understand( Condor), nursed cramps, went to work  and came back home to sleep.

Favorite animals: Cows. The one that produces milk. The consequence of coming from a family of farmers.

Last time a cried. Two Sundays ago. A church members testimony just broke my heart.

Three things that annoy me easily: Dishonesty, poor communication, divided attention. This girl loves attention.

Go to inspirational meetings, get to know men and women who are doing inspiring things. Above all, run as hard as you can from the cynics and gripers and the negativists. They are not going anywhere. You are.


The true purpose of illustrated journaling [is] to celebrate your life. No matter how small or mundane or redundant, each drawing and little essay you write to commemorate an event or an object or a place makes it all the more special.” 

I started keeping a journal back in 2014 but started doing it seriously in 2015 after a friend gifted me with a diary. My journaling was influenced by a movie called ‘The secret’ where the author insisted that for one to get what he or she wants, she needs to put those thoughts and desires into writing.

I began by writing grateful journals. This is by writing things I was grateful for everyday and every month then write down things I wished I could have. Then I started writing down my budgets lists,everything I wished to purchase and its level of importance, my deepest thoughts and desires and now I write about everything. I still continue to write journals on things I am grateful for today.

My Journey on journaling has come a long way and I am grateful for the experience. It’s amazing that when I look back at my journals back in 2015, I received nearly everything I wished for back then.

Journaling has improved my life positively.

“I journal my joy, and my joy expands exponentially forevermore. So be it.” ― Amy Leigh Mercree, Joyful Living:

It has helped me set and achieve goals. For instance, At the beginning of the year, my fitness goal was to reduce at least 4 kgs.  I have since lost 3kgs and I hope to lose more and keep fit and healthy.

Journaling has helped me organise all areas of my life.

I have my journal in segments; Things I am grateful for…I write down everything  I am thankful for, right from waking up , being alive, commuting safely, provision,career e.t.c, then I write down things I would want to have /achieve and have sections i.e career goals, family goals, health and fitness, finance, travel and adventure, need to have purchase items from most important to least important.

Journaling has helped me to live in the now.

I no longer regret my past and not worry too much about the future but I only delve in the past and future for planning and referencing. I live today to the fullest enjoying everything I do because I know it’s the journey that matters to me, so i need to enjoy the ride.

Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself. Robin S. Sharma

Captures life story.

Journaling has helped me to capture my family and personal story. My journals alone could tell my story and that of my family. My troubled memories have been soothed through my journaling  and as I look back as see all these as part of my life story that was intended to happen .

Knowing myself and my truth better.

I have been able to understand different aspects of myself by reading my journals. Through journaling, I am able to keep a record of my past,identify my values,read my own mind,connect  to the bigger picture, reveal different aspects of myself, get rid of the masks i wear,clarify my  thoughts,feelings and behaviour,and help me feel better about myself.


Writing down my thoughts ,feelings and behaviors has helped me to heal from my past. I am able to recall and reconstruct past events in an honest, trusting and non judgmental way. I am also able to act as my own counselor after reading my thoughts and learn trends in my behavior and feelings.

Easy problem solving

I am able to connect the dots and find solutions through journaling. For instance; If I wish to lose weight i write down reasons why i need to lose weight then I go ahead and track everything I eat and the exercises I do. This helps to know what i indulge in, what I should reduce or cut off, what I should consume, the excercises I  should do and so forth. By journaling about my health and fitness struggles, I am able to also find solutions that will impact my life positively.

Personal growth.

I have seen immense growth through journaling. For a first, I am able to express then create my desires.

Journaling has enabled me to unfold the writer in me. I started journaling long before I started this blog. I get my blogging ideas through my journals.

I am able to measure and track what is important in my life.

I have created more results in my life. This is where the law of attraction works. You attract what you think. I write down what I think and guess what, sometimes i don’t even work towards getting what i wish for but i just get it.

I am able to express myself through my journal and this has enhanced my personal growth.

Basically, we all journal for different reasons and there is no one cure for all. I earlier started journaling  to self reflect , stay positive and grateful but now I have so many reasons as to why I journal.

Journaling has so many pros to it and I would wish that you journal your life for whatever reason you have.

Do you keep a journal? How has journaling improved your life?

I take photos, I used to make films, I journal incessantly, and I really value the documentation of life. Because it’s almost like you are making something special by wanting to make it exist in an object – on paper or even just in the computer – making these recordings, making this music. Lucy Dacus

Sending love and positive vibes.♥♥♥♥♥


quote 3
photo credits; google

Good morning you majestic being,

I have not been motivated to write or read this past month. I have just been there, with my normal life routine. Work, gym ,home or  church ,home or  work, hang outwith some colleagues , home.

As much as I feel like I didn’t do anything extra, I must stay that I have had quite a good month. June was a blessed month. I was consistent with gym, worked out at least twice a week and tried to watch what I eat. The great thing is results are beginning to show on my body. I ditched the scale but I feel really sexy and confident and my clothes fit me well, especially those clothes that were too tight.

So here’s my stock for this month.

Drinking water to stay hydrated. I am already seeing its positive effect on my skin.

Appreciating  the people who make my life better.

Deciding to  be take 100% control over my life. My thoughts, my decisions, my feelings, my reactions will solely be influenced by me and not anyone else around me.

Thinking about how blessed I am to be alive today.

Listening to classical music for brain power- Mozzart effect. I’ll tell you if this works because I am going through a writers block.

quote 1
photo credits:google

Reading about the compound effect by Darren. I have been too slow in reading this book. I actually never finished reading the book ‘TO BE THE BEST’, I just didn’t like it. I would attribute my sluggishness to my new working out schedule that leaves me super exhausted at the end of the day and all I do is go straight to bed when I get home.

Writing about my childhood memories. The brain is such an amazing part of the human body. Its ability to make us remember who we were in the past and lets us see the milestones we have made in life is truly magnificent.

Wanting to be physically fit, healthier, and happier. I am all about positive vibes ,body confidence and good health.

quote 2

Making little changes in my habits that will change my behavior positively. Starting with things as simple as washing dishes while preparing meals so I don’t have to dread going back to the kitchen because you know…

Wishing I could be more consistent and be brave enough to just start whatever I had thought of starting. I should just stop procrastinating already.

Celebrating friendships. Those friends who just call to find out if you are okay are for keeps.

Loving that I am in a place  that I once wished for and I am truly thankful for it. Now I am dreaming bigger because I know that my dreams are valid.

Feeling certain that everything will work out well eventually.

Treating myself with work outs. hehehe… The process is painful but the feeling after is just amazing. Plus I will thank my 28 year old self later this year.

Waiting for nothing. I have stopped waiting. This past month has had a lot of plot twists and turns and my perception about some things have changed, so i’m no longer living in air plane mode.

Dreaming of the days when I have finally accomplished about 90% of whats in my bucket list . Will I be happy? Will I feel accomplished? Will I have more dreams? Will I change?  We will see.

Enjoying every moment of my life.

Learning to be disciplined  and consistent in everything I put myself to do. I know that I will not be motivated most of the time but consistency and discipline will get me results.

Hoping that these little changes will be part of my lifestyle.

Embracing life. Life is fluid. It comes with ups and downs. Learning how to go about it is what will make or break me and I choose to live to my fullest potential regardless of what life throws at me.

Noticing how comfortable I am in my own skin.

Watching nothing in particular that fascinates me.

Pondering on ways achieve more results and have fun while at it.

Needing rest. I am so sleepy and exhausted right now.

Disliking the fact that I have been procrastinating too much and that’s my fault.

That’s it for now. Have you tried to take stock of your life? How was your experience?

Have a lovely July. Keep warm. Wishing you happiness and health always.

Sending positive vibes and love.♥♥♥♥


I’m working on a new me not because the old me is  bad but because the old me can improve.

How are you blessed people. I am so glad to be here right now and to  let you in my life. Nothing exciting  happened the past month. I have been working 8 to 5, my sister and nephew visited me and I had a time of my life with them. I also  went to hang out with friends for the first time this year  and i had a lot of fun.

So here’s my stock for this month.

Drinking water to stay hydrated. I am already seeing its positive effect on my skin.

Appreciating  the little milestones I’m making in life.

Deciding to  be more positive and speak positivity  over my life.

Thinking about topics of interest that my readers would want me to write about. How about you tell me what you would want me to write about?

Listening to Sheila Lives out loud on You tube by Sheila Mwanyiga. If you love to listen to stories that touch your heart subscribe to her channel. You are guaranteed to be empowered, inspired and so much more.

Reading to be the best by Barbra Taylor. I am still struggling to find out what this book is really about. I haven’t been reading or writing a lot the past month and I have no excuse for it!

Writing down my daily expenses to help me keep track of my expenses and know where my money goes to.

Wanting to be physically fit. I finally started going to the gym and my body is really sore right now. I love the feeling I get when I sweat then have a  warm shower and go to bed  feeling fresh. I sleep soundly and I already feel sexy even though this is my fourth day to gym and results are not yet visible.

 I will not starve for this, but I will work hard for this. It may take longer doing it the healthy and right way. But it will last longer this way. I will be better and I will be happy.

Making the most of my time while on night shift.

Wishing I could be more consistent with physical fitness. I am working at it.

Celebrating the gift of life,love,family, friendships,provision et cetera.

Loving life and everything that comes with it.

Feeling positive that everything will work out eventually.

Treating myself with Mushroom pizza and yoghurt. Girl, I promise I will burn all these calories tomorrow.

Waiting for my breakthrough.

Dreaming of brighter days.

Enjoying this stage in my life.

Learning to be disciplined with money .

Hoping that these little changes will be part of my lifestyle.

Embracing life .

Noticing how calm and collected I have been lately.

Watching seven seconds. I could not put my laptop away until the whole movie was done. I am hoping there is a season 2 somewhere.

Pondering on ways to learn and grow in my career and personal life.

Needing a MENTOR.

Following every young Kenyan woman on YouTube who inspires people to live to their fullest potential. Any ideas?

Disliking the fact that I always have to dust my shoes when i get home! I’m I  the only one who doesn’t like cleaning shoes?

That’s it for now. Have you tried to take stock of your life? How was your experience?

Sending positive vibes and love.♥♥♥♥

Keep warm and stay safe.Miss Malika

What seems impossible today will one day become your warm up.

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It’s funny how ungrateful I can be sometimes (well, it’s not really funny), I am not happy today. I have been whining about how far my place is from work, how bad the road is, how tired I am of eating ugali and rice, blah blah blah… As I am walking across the  Jomo Kenyatta …

Taking stock July 2020

Writing this feels like an accomplishment. This is because I haven’t been in this space for a long time. No , I do not suffer from a writer’s block, I felt that I needed a break, then got lazy and lacked a proper plan. How are you really? I bet you are all excited that …